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Electronic Library of Interior Policies - Quick Reference Guide

 Thank you for your patience during the recent transition from the original Electronic Library of Interior Policies system.
This web site will continue to experience additional modifications and improvements as necessary.
This new interface is for the benefit of the employees of the Department of the Interior and the general public.

All information posted on the Electronic Library of Interior Policies represents general policies and guidance intended to assist U.S. Department of the Interior employees in implementing the Department’s various programs and services available to the public.
If you should require any additional assistance in obtaining the necessary information referenced here, please call either Ms. Barbara Day, Management Analyst on 202-208-3059 or Mrs. Hazel Wilson, Management Analyst at 202-208-6193 for further information and guidance on using this upgraded database.

We hope that the following instructions are helpful to all researchers using this system.

From the Welcome Screen or Home Page the researcher is provided with five different features:
Browse, Advanced Search, Search Tips, Feedback and Document Update Notification.
Two of these features, either “Browse” or “Advanced Search” will help you locate the specific Departmental Manual, Secretary’s Order, or Succession Memo that is needed.

Choose either “Browse” or “Advanced Search.”

The “Browse” Function.
This function will allow the user to search by folder depending on the type of information needed. There are four folders: Departmental Manual, Handbooks (i.e. guidance that supplements chapters found in the Departmental Manual), Secretary’s Orders, and Succession Memoranda.(At present the Succession Memoranda folder is empty – please be reassured that U.S. Department of the Interior directives staff are working to add information to this folder. If you require a memo in the interim until it is available on the ELIPS system, please call one of the two numbers listed above.)

Also – please note that you can browse through the DM folder by clicking on the folder and then viewing the available series topics.  Archived material for the DM chapters is available at the end of the listing by Series in a folder named “Xarchived”.  This can be found on page 2 of the list of series folders.

The "Advanced Search” Function.
This function will allow the user to customize his or her search. 
From the “Welcome” screen or Home Page, please choose Advanced Search.  From there, select “Customize Search.”

To search by “Template” – choose template from the dropdown list.  Choose either “Departmental Manual” or Secretary’s Orders as appropriate. 

For the Departmental Manual – the template provides a number of data fields which you can include or exclude from your search.
For example, to search by Part and chapter numbers, please fill in the data fields with the Part and chapter number that you are looking for. Note also that if you want to include or exclude archived material in your search, please look all the way down the list on the left-hand side of your screen and note the data field named “Archived.”
To broaden your search to include archived/historical materials, select “YES,” to narrow your search for only current materials, select “NO.”

To search for Secretary’s Orders, choose the Secretary’s Orders template.  You can search by Order No., etc. and note that this template also has the same archived function as described above for DM chapters.

The U.S. Department of the Interior hopes that the above information is helpful to you in using the recently upgraded “Electronic Library of Interior Policies.”


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Document Update Notification

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